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Pharmacist – Formulator Phytotherapy expert

Phytotherapy and nutraceutic


When medical science began to recognize the power of phytòn, the plant, the field of phytotherapy was born. This is the study of active substances in plants that can increase a state of health and wellness or even to treat and prevent diseases. Not just humans, but cats and dogs may also benefit from phytotherapy elements.

Over many aeons, plants have developedstrong defensive systems to survive against fungi, viruses, insects, microbes and even UV radiation; protecting themselves by producing anti-oxidant substances, such as polyphenol: flavonols, flavones, catechins, anthocyanins and flavonoids.

Humans require more than justmacro-nutrients such as proteins, carbs, fats, fibers and minerals;micro-nutrients such as vitamins, oligo elements, essential fatty acids, enzymes and anti-oxidant phytonutrients are also needed for a complete diet. And so it is for our four-legged friends as well.

Achieving homeostasis, the body's ability to maintain a perfect state of health is not possible without a healthy and complete diet. Our diets are more than pet food, they are nutraceutical, which is basically food-medicine.

The active principles of plants, with their curative abilities, can be found in the leaves, in the flower or fruit, or in the root and rhizome.

Certain extracts are especially helpful for regulating the body's immune response towards several diseases such as dermatitis, skin rash, pyoderma, hotspot, conjunctivitis, intestinal problems, oral cavity and upper respiratory tract disorders, and ear disorders.

The active principles of the plants are also useful for helping the body to defend itself from cellular attacks of pollutants, introduced through food. They can even help protect against diseases relating to electromagnetic radiation, fine dust, and radioactive gases like radon.

In addition to its role in strengthening the immune system, a diet rich in antioxidants also offers the body the required amount of micro and macro nutrients.

These phytoextracts (not added using harmful chemical agents) along with the integration of Omega 3, are among the fundamental principles of theSANYpet FORZA10 diets. SANYpet, a leader in pet food intolerance diseases for over 20 years is imbued with the knowledge and abilities of Gianandrea Guidetti, researcher and leading expert of herbal medicine in livestock farming.

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