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Doctor Gianandrea Guidetti president of Sanypet spa Forza10. Researcher, pharmacist, expert in phytotherapy
An organic world

“Eating organic foods is a responsible choice that changes the world and in the first place also brings numerous health benefits. Talking about health, my experience with dogs and cats is relevant; pets fed with organic food (organic kibbles and wet foods) don't develop a variety of disorders classified as food related adverse reactions and allergies such as itching, dermatitis, pyoderma, tearing, conjunctivitis, otitis, vomit, diarrhea, colitis, difficult digestion . In fact, these disorders occur in the most of cats and dogs fed by industrial food. Eating organic food, that is eating “clean food”, particularly for our furry friends, means eliminating from their diet all those elements that come from industrial wastes, such as fats, cereals, meat meals that bring with them chemical residues of antibiotics, hormones , pesticides and plant protection products”.


Plants are a genuine low cost “drugstore” available to all living things: indeed, pharmaceutical active principles mostly come from the “realm of plants”.
Let's discover together then how to use them properly.

Veterinary Research and Development Sanypet FORZA10
Pomegranate plant used by Doctor Gianandrea Guidetti for Sanypet Forza10
Nutrition and Phytotherapy

The term “nutraceutical” comes from a blend of the terms “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical”. Nutraceutics is a new branch of medicine and its goal is to study the effects of particular natural substances added to foods both to prevent and to treat many disorders.
Thanks to its characteristics, it can become the essential junction between natural medicine and pharmacology. A nutraceutical food allows, moreover, to solve easily and definitively the objective difficulties of topical, oral, and parenteral drug delivery.

The use of titrated and standardized extracts of medicinal plants, thanks to man's millennial knowledge of their uses, also allows to achieve an amazing ethical goal: to gradually eliminate animal testing,  currently mandatory for all new medicines.

Basically, this is all possible because man already tested directly, throughout history, the effects of all plants, selecting those showing beneficial effects and without dangerous side effects

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