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#Tilia tomentosa





Who is it?

Majestic and long-lived, fragrant and in love, with its thousand hearts in the leaves, the lime tree (Tilia tomentosa and Tilia platyphyllos) could observe you along the avenues that you walk every day, in a silent invitation to know it, to understand it. He is a sensitive herbal superhero, but not devoid of powers.


The Superpowers

The strength of the lime tree is concentrated in the inflorescences and in the sapwood, the most external and young bark. They are weapons with which the lime tree, however, does not fight, differentiating itself from its herbal superhero colleagues for a use of its powers not linked to force, elimination or expulsion.
The active ingredients have in fact sedative and antispasmodic properties. Their intervention is required when the dog is sore and extremely agitated, so much so that he can show aggression and bite, for example in cases of medium or deep otitis.
By intervening, the lime tree acts on the central nervous system and calms the dog. The vasodilating action of which it is capable, makes this plant possess a hypnotic effect.
For these reasons it is also useful in case of migraine, although it cannot be established with certainty when the dog is affected by it, while in folk medicine it was considered effective in cases of epilepsy.
The phytocomplex consists mainly of flavonoids, in particular rutin, other polyphenols and tannins.


Where to find it

Given its capabilities, the linden does great teamwork in the ear, along with tea tree , rose hips and garlic , calming the dog and allowing his companions to take action. You can therefore find it in our Forza10 Oto Active , but also in the Forza10 Anatopic Active.



Fascinating, mysterious and almost ethereal, this plant and its powers have left various traces in history, equally bewitching.
The Greek traces its name from the term ptilon, or wing, due to the flower peduncle with a bract resembling a wing. But if we listened to the Latins, we would end up considering the term telum which leads us to the javelin, a weapon made from lime wood. A superhero with a dual soul, able to soar in the mind and in the air, but also to fold it in flight and hit the mark.

In the past, its green leaves were dried and combined with barley flour or buckwheat, creating green flour. But there are also those who, with the roasted lime seeds and the addition of sugar and other elements, have tried to make chocolate with them.
Mario Rigoni Stern narrated about this hero in his Wild Arboretum, recalling how not only men and dogs have tested its effects, but "sometimes even bees, when they persistently collect nectar from certain lime trees, come asleep and lie down on the grass in the shade of the tree ".

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