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Who is it?

It grows spontaneously and is very common, but the dog rose, despite this, stands out in beauty thanks to its flower between pink and red and the robust grace of its fruit "harmoniously surrounded and covered with a glittering coral shell", as Leclerc, a famous phytotherapist, describes it. Right inside that scarlet armor, the dog rose hides, ready to exploit them, all its abilities. Belonging to the rosaceae family, it is the wild relative of the rose.


The Superpowers

The active ingredients of the rosehip, altruistic and targeted, make those of other plants more bioavailable, favoring their penetration into the cell and increasing the immune defenses.
Rosehip protects the circulation and the cardiovascular system, activates the body's defensive powers, performs a purifying activity, mildly diuretic and laxative, and acts as an emollient on the intestinal mucous membranes.

Like caskets, forged with red armor, rose hips, the false fruits of the rose, contain a great wealth of vitamin C and polyphenols, important antioxidants.
The dog does not need vitamins from external sources, producing them from glucose, but can find in the dog rose a valid friend in feverish, acute inflammatory states and profuse diarrhea.
Like the heel for Achilles and kryptonite for Superman, rose hips also have a weak point, namely drying. This attack drastically lowers the vitamin C content from 95% to 40%.


Where to find it

Given its powers, it acts in the Forza10 Oto Active together with the extraordinary team of superheroes which also include tea tree and lime tree , led by garlic . However, its various capabilities are also required elsewhere and you can therefore also find it in the Forza10 Intestinal Active , in the Forza10 Anatopic Active , in the Forza10 Puppy Junior of the Maintenance Line and in the Forza10 Legend Skin.



According to the Signatura theory, a plant reminiscent of a part of the body was able to cure it, so, being the scratches caused by the rosehip similar to the bite marks of dogs suffering from rabies, it was believed to be able to cure this disease. For this reason he owes his baptismal name.
Among the people, the dog rose usually gets called however also with different names. Among these is the grattecul Frenchism, deriving from the shape of the berry, covered by a light and irritating hair, as well as by the laxative effects.
According to the Persians, its extracts were also able to solve the calculations, decrease the abundant menstruation and finally ... awaken the dead!

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