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#plantago psyllium





Who is it?

Do not be shy, if you meet a Psyllium (Plantago psyllium), do not delay any longer but strip it until you leave only the seeds of it and, at that point, do not be reluctant and strip them of their covering too, because that is very rich. of precious mucilage, just the superpower we are looking for.


The Superpowers

The powers of psyllium, or rather of its mucilages, are a sort of weapon ready to be activated, which needs a trigger. It is not love or money that provides this fuse, this incentive, but water. The psyllium mucilages are in fact hydrophilic and therefore, loving water, as soon as they come into contact with it, they are unleashed, exploding their abilities forming a voluminous gel. This is precisely its power, in fact, in cases of constipation or the need for an evacuation, this gel facilitates the exit. If, on the other hand, the mucilages are deprived of water, they perform the opposite function and, ingested in cases of diarrhea, absorb excess fluids.
Psyllium is therefore not a simple laxative, but a regulator of mechanical transit. Without wanting to belittle him, we could define him as a super traffic cop, a regulator of intestinal traffic who, if properly paid in water, acts on transit.


Where to find it

Psyllium is found in our FORZA10 Intestinal Active and in the corresponding Actiwet stewed reference , for both dogs and cats . But be careful, the psyllium has masked itself so as not to be recognized. You will find it present therefore with the words plantain seeds, with the contribution of its mucilages.



It is said that the psyllium mucilages, absolutely lost if deprived of them, have been used in medicine against ophthalmias, mucous flows, bronchitis and haemophtoe. Indeed, the botanist Paolo Silvio Boccone considered them useful in turtle broth to heal consumption.

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