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#Malva sylvestris





Who is it?

Belonging to the Malvaceae family, mallow (Malva sylvestris) is a plant with beautiful flowers of a particular shade of purple. A shade that, in honor of this plant, became mauve. In the mission of well-being through nutrition, mallow offers dogs and cats its flowers, as well as the leaves, or the areas where its active ingredients are concentrated.


The superpowers

Among the superpowers of mallow, for dogs and cats we invoke above all the emollient one on the intestinal wall. Its name, not surprisingly, actually means soft, capable of softening. Mallow is a vasoprotector, which makes it useful in irritated mucous membranes. Its is a calming effect, soothing irritation and inflammatory processes, on an altered intestinal flora.

How then to define this heroine? It is certainly an intestinal regulator, it is over there that it is patrolling and imposes its rules. But be careful, it is always the dose that makes the difference, so do not call it into action too frequently, otherwise its activity as a mild laxative will no longer be such, but it could overdo it.

Mallow is also an immunostimulant, that is, it stimulates the body's immune defenses, and for two-legged animals, in decoctions, it also helps in cases of cough.

Its capabilities derive from the richness of mucilage and the presence of flavonoids, tannins, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid and of course malvine.


Where to find it

The soft touch of mallow can be found in the FORZA10 Dermo Active and its corresponding moist from the Actiwet line , in the Hypoallergenic Active for cats and in the two moist references Hypoallergenic Actiwet for dogs and cats, both with lamb and fish.



The poet Marco Valerio Marziale, having lunch in a not too abundant way at his home, when he was hosted by a patron did not make too many compliments and, sprawled on a triclinium, he stuffed himself recovering the lost culinary enjoyment, combining the pleasure of the palate with that of sumptuous orgies. The following day, undoubtedly tried, he asked the woman of the house to prepare him a mallow soup to expel the hangover.

The lemon sour boiled leaves are, of course, recommended against constipation. However, its properties have also resulted in popular spoken language, whose foundations are undeniably offenses. And so, when someone is a good-for-nothing insignificant, it is called evil ointment.

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