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#Lespedeza spp.






Who is it?

Directly from the Fabaceae family, the lespedeza (Lespedeza spp.) Comes to the aid of dogs and cats with kidney problems, putting its leaves and twigs at their disposal, where its power is concentrated.


The Superpowers

Rich in flavonoids and tannins, lespedeza has positive effects on chronic and acute renal failure. In nephropathies, or pathologies of the kidneys, it favors the expulsion of urea and chlorides, purifying and protecting the urinary system, and thanks also to the particularity of its flavone, which binds to a sugar, it has a diuretic action that is prolonged in time.
Without any fear, the lespedeza also puts nitrogen in line, helping to regulate its presence in the blood, so that it is not excessive and therefore harmful.
Finally, it has an antispasmodic and antiradical activity, in this case always thanks to the flavonoids, opposing free radicals, historical enemies of cellular structures.


Where to find it

Where are the superpowers of lespedeza used? We need her in the FORZA10 Renal Active, both for dogs and cats , but not only. Its presence is also required in the Urinary Active for cats and in both corresponding wet versions of the Actiwet line.



When the French botanist André Michaux discovered Lespedeza capitata in Florida, he decided to give it the name of Cespedeza, in honor of the governor of the state, Manuel de Céspedes. However, due to a transcription error, its name became lespedeza and due to the rules of botany, once registered, it could no longer be changed. It is not known what happened to poor Michaux.

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