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Who is it?

Turmeric (Curcuma longa), also called Saffron of India, has come to us from the East to leave a mark. A yellow sign not only in the fabrics or kitchen shelves, but also in the organism of dogs and cats, joining the other phytotherapeutic superheroes to make its contribution.
Although similar to saffron, turmeric is a zingiberacea like ginger and leaves its Z on the enemies, similar to another ancient hero, thanks to the root, precisely the rhizome. This phyto-hero owes its name to the Sanskrit kunkuma and is among the most studied plants, especially in India.


The Superpowers

Turmeric walks like a colossus alongside the other phytotherapeutic heroes, being one of the most important anti-inflammatory drugs, whose potency even surpasses that of the drug phenylbutazone (which is very powerful!).
Its many active ingredients, present in essential oils, such as curcumin, curcumene, zingiberene and turmerone, allow it to perform actions of great importance for dogs and cats. Turmeric stimulates the immune system, has a strong antioxidant action and its curcuminoids are terrible bactericides. However, its ability to inhibit angiogenesis - that is, to prevent the formation of new blood vessels - is even more important.
Its activity as a phyto-hero also takes place in the liver and gallbladder, thanks to the cholagogue and choleretic activity, of biliary secretion, and is useful in cases of gallstones and inflammation of the gallbladder.


Where to find it

The extraordinary capabilities of turmeric make it important and in demand in many FORZA10 diets: Defense Active , Periaction Active , Lux Active, Dermo Active and Depura Active for dogs.
Among his many activities, this phytotherapeutic superhero also finds time for leisure, dedicating himself to dogs in our line of snacks , precisely in the Organic Delights with papaya, mango and kiwi flavors and in the Roast-flavored Delights .



Turmeric is a genus of plants that includes over 90 species, including Curcuma longa, which has espoused the cause of SANYpet - FORZA10.
Turmeric is the main ingredient of curry, the main Indian condiment, joining in its composition with cinnamon, chilli, cloves, nutmeg and ginger.
Be careful to take this phyto-hero from behind, to try to catch him, because he will leave his yellow / orange mark on your hands. In fact, turmeric is not only a spice and a food dye, as it is absolutely non-toxic, but is also used in dyeing for wool and silk fabrics, together with other substances that allow it to take root. All this thanks to curcominoids and curcumin.
Turmeric is also among the ingredients of the ancestral formulation of the balm called Alcolato di Fioravanti and is also considered an acid-base indicator, that is, it is an indicator of pH, because its color changes to red in basic solutions.

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