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My Story


I want to start right from the origins, from an exceptional educational experience that everyone should have. I was lucky enough to attend themunicipal nursery schools of Reggio Emilia, "the most beautiful kindergartens in the world" based on a cutting-edge educational system that has always put children's creativity at the forefront, supporting their desire for expression and freedom. I then fell back into the Middle Ages of education by attending state elementary schools, to rise again through experimental teaching and group work in middle schools. I sank back into the mud of the high school swamp to finally free myself and take flight through University and the involvement and open-mindedness of Erasmus which, like the most beautiful kindergartens in the world, everyone should have the opportunity to to do.



Food allergies and intolerances

Raw food/nutritional programs

Homemade diets with herbs

Detoxifying diets

Elimination diets

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