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# Allium sativum





Who is it?

Hard to believe that garlic (Allium sativum), the very thing that keeps girls away and sizzles in the pan, can be a superhero. Pretending to be harmless, hiding among the plants of a thousand and one vegetable gardens, garlic hides an Asian origin and ideally combines two worlds, that of the Mediterranean and the Chinese diet, waiting to undress its clothes and discover its bulb, an active part full of superpowers. Its main component is alliin and its derivatives.



Be careful to invoke the powers of the Liliaceae family, of which garlic is a part, as they can be toxic to dogs. The motivation is linked to the antiplatelet properties which, due to an enzymatic deficiency of man's best friend, could cause him anemia. Their contribution must therefore be dosed with extreme care and precision, but its powers are so many and varied as to be crucial in the right measure.
Among the numerous virtues of garlic, there is primarily the antibacterial one, which manifests itself with antibiotic and antiseptic actions, enhancing the action of the intestine in a debilitated person, in favor of the efficiency of the immune system.

The garlic also works splendidly in synergy with the tea tree , enhancing its powers and supporting it in the fight against fungi. The essence, eliminated by the respiratory system, acts in the ear as a parasiticide and antimicrobial, for infestations secondary to an otitis, not killing, but driving away.
When the garlic bulb and its principles come into action, cholesterol and hypertension must also watch their backs, but its activity is also useful against diarrhea and is able to lower blood sugar, an important factor in case of diabetes. , as well as being an important antioxidant.


Where to find it

From the earth to the pan, to the plate and belly. But if you overdo it, be careful, because garlic can make your skin stink. A spite for having cooked it? No, a great property. Respiratory excretion in the dermis, caused by the richness of sulfur compounds, if localized in the ear affected by otitis, can allow the concentration of active ingredients despite a stagnation of hair and earwax. For this you will find garlic in our Forza10 Oto Active.
However, its actions are also required in the Forza10 Hypoallergenic Active for cats.



Garlic was one of the superheroes most often invoked by Hippocrates, who highly recommended it, even in case of a hangover. Given its fame and the esteem it enjoyed, garlic became in great demand, so much so that there were even resolutions to prevent entry into the temples to those who suffered from it in the breath, causing religious celebrations to often become deserted.
However, the exploits of garlic in history are varied and multiple.
In the 17th century, his help was requested to fight pestilence and he was imprisoned inside perforated metal spheres in order to prevent them. An enemy too great even for him, which reduced his reputation.
Garlic is also considered useful for witchcraft of various kinds, as well as to keep bloodsucking vampires and nocturnal ghosts away from homes.
In developing countries, it is used to fight Koch's bacillus.
Capable of fighting disease, religion and even evil, garlic is one of the most powerful herbal superheroes. If its strength comes from your partner, you have only one way out: eat it too.

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